October 2020

Unit 15: Organic Nomenclature

Things to help you on the way:

Guided overview 15 Day 1 Guided overview 15 Day 2 Problem set 15 A Problem set 15 B








Unit 14: Acids and Bases!

Well, as the year begins to wind down we get to some of the most exciting stuff of the year… acids and bases! Maybe you don’t share my excitement but we’ll do lots of fun labs (titrations!) and learn lots of great stuff!

Resources for you:

Text Part A Chapter 20 and Text Part B Chapter 21

Adv overview 1 Adv overview 2 Adv overview 3

Guided overview Unit 14 Day 1 CP Guided OverviewUnit 14 day 2 CP

Problem Set 14 A Problem set 14B Problem set 14C

pH pOH conversion chart

Titrations Guided Reading


As always Brightstorm has some great stuff. Just click the link and pick the topic you need:


The Khan Academy has videos also, in fact they have a whole learning module on acids and bases:




Unit 13: Equilibrium!

Lot’s of good stuff for your equilibrium enjoyment!

For Everyone:

AW Chemistry Chapter 19 (Unit 13)


For Advanced Chemistry:

Guided overview Unit 13 Day 1 w problems

Guided overview Unit 13 Day 2

Problem set 13 B


For College Prep Chemistry:

Guided overview Unit 13 CP

Unit 13 Day 1 Guided Reading


And some great tutorials!

Have Fun!

Unit 12: Water!!!

Unit 12 is a combination of some great math (concentration units) and some very cool concepts (intermolecular forces and the uniqueness of water). In our text this is actually parts of three chapters and they can be found here:

AW Chemistry Chapter 16 AW Chemistry Chapter 17 AW Chemistry Chapter 18

Remember the overview points you to the sections of importance:

Advanced Chem overview: Guided overview Unit 12 Adv

CP Chem overviews: Guided overview unit 12 CP Day 1 Guided overview Unit 12 CP day2-3

The problem sets also give you clues to our assessments:

Problem Set 12 CP Problem Set Unit 12 ADV

If you need help with the unit here are some helps for you:

Intermolecular forces:

Solutions and concentration units:

Freezing point depression and boiling point elevation:


Unit 11: Bonding

Unit 11 helps us finish out what we started in Unit 3, ionic and covalent bonding.

CP Guided overview Unit 11 CP Problem Set 11

Guided overview Unit 11 adv Prob set Unit 11 day 1 Problem Set 11B

Here are our text sections:

AW Chemistry Chapter 15 AW Chemistry Chapter 16

And some video help!

The Khan Academy always has many video helps click here to go to their page on bonding

Do you need help with exceptions to Electron Configurations?



Unit 10: Electron Configurations and the Periodic Table


Just wanted to put some help out there as we continue our chemistry journey, this time into the atom and how electrons are distributed within the atom. Unit 10 introduces us to quantum theory and the need for a more sophisticated model of the atom than the Bohr model allows. As we get into electron configurations more fully we see there is a relation to the modern periodic table. 

Text: AW Chemistry Chapter 13AW Chemistry Chapter 14

Overviews/PS CP: CP Guided Overview Unit 10  CP Problem set 10A  GuidedUnit 10 day 3 (PT) CP w PS 10B

Overviews/PS Adv: Guided Overview unit 10 Problem set 10A Problem Set 10B

Video Helps:



And here is a couple nice pages if you want another perspective:




Unit 9: Gas Laws!


After slogging through some pretty tough stuff to this point we get a kind of breather with the pretty straight-forward gas laws.

The link to our text reading is here

Our overview is here: Guided Overview Unit 9

Problem Sets are here: Adv. Problem Set Unit 9CP Problem Set 9

And, as always, help is below:






Unit 8: Phases and Phase change

Hi All,

Unit 8 is mostly background knowledge we will need for future chapters. Not much math, and not too hard so enjoy it! I know we had some absences so I wanted to post the handouts etc from class.

First is a copy of Ch. 10 if you don’t have the book with you.AW Chemistry Chapter 10

If you are in Advanced you will need a section from our text’s CH 11 (pg 307-311) so here you go: AW Chemistry Chapter 11

The full packets of Reading/Overview/Problems are found here:



You might also need a copy of the notes:Unit 8 notes

I don’t want to post many videos for you because this chapter is one of the very few we have where you have to dive into the text itself. So read up and you will do fine!

Unit 7! Thermochem!

Thermochem is sure a lot of fun isn’t it!!.  So here are some suggestions whether you are looking for some practice, looking for some help, or looking for some work to do on your days off.

Text:AW Chemistry Chapter 11

First, copies of what we’ve been doing:


Adv Formative 7 key


Guided overview Unit 7 Hess Day 2

Guided overview Unit 7 Thermo and Stoich Day 1


Problem set 7 Heat and stoich

Problem set 7 Hess 2014

Unit 7 notes pdf


CP Guided overview Unit 7 Day 1

CP Guided Overview Unit 7 Day 2

CP Problem set 7 Day 1

CP Unit 7 Notes pdf

Endo- Exothermic LQ

Now for some tutorials on the web:




And, of course, MORE PRACTICE!