Third Grade Presents The History of Kent

Longcoy’s third graders proudly produced dioramas illustrating the history and geography of the City of Kent, from the time it was known as Carthage and Franklin Mills to the present day.  The dioramas have decorated the third grade hall prior to the committee selecting ten winning scenes.   These will be displayed at the Kent Historical Society Museum, 237 E. Main Street for one year.  The dioramas can be viewed during Museum hours (Fridays and Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.).

Morgan Bauze:  Atlantic and Great Western Railroad Depot (now houses the Pufferbelly restaurant)
Claire Booher:  The Silk Mill Factory Building (when used as an Alpaca Mill)
Mathias Broyles:  The Marvin Kent Home (now Masonic Temple)
Sara DeLong:  Captain Samuel Bradey’s leap across the Cuyahoga River
Miles Keffer:  Covered Bridge on Main Street over the Cuyahoga River
Megan Moser:  Merrill Hall (the first academic building at Kent’s Normal School, now KSU)
Gavin Parker:  First wedding in Franklin Township
Mallory Moldvay and Ryan Noble:  Kent Historical Society Museum
Paige Robinson:  Kent’s Carneige Library
Joey Tilley:  Standing Rock in the Cuyahoga River

First Grade STEM Activity in Mrs. Tonelli’s Room

We are using STEM investigations as we begin our forces, motion, and materials unit in science.  We started by reading “The Three Little Pigs” and gave each student a set of materials to build a house that will withstand a force.  Our force, wind from a blow dryer, has a gentle breeze setting and a hurricane setting.  We’ll see whose designs will hold up and then ask students how their designs would change on their next attempts.


Mallory Fischer in the designing phase.

Noah DeLong is ready to test his design.


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