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STATE TESTING Updates: Updated 3/8/16

TESTING DATES/ WINDOWS (KCSD administration has selected the following specific dates/ windows from those that were allowed by the ODE.  More information will be available later regarding specific test dates within the windows):

tudent/ Family Letter re: retakes

Presentation to KCSD Board of Education 11/17/15

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  • As you may know, “As part of the state‚Äôs 2016-2017 budget, the General Assembly directed the Ohio Department of Education to transition to new tests for the 2015-2016 school year in mathematics and English language arts. Per the new law, Ohio will no longer use PARCC tests in mathematics and English language arts.”
  • The REALLY IMPORTANT NEWS is that while the format of the tests will be different, the standards and learning expectations have not changed!  The great work our educators have been doing to challenge our students to meet and exceed the content and thinking processes defined in the state standards is exactly the work we will continue to do; what we did to prepare students and ourselves for the old tests will be directly beneficial to preparations for the new tests!!!
  • ALL of the required state grade level/ course assessments are developed by the Ohio Department of Education is working with the American Institutes for Research (AIR).
  • TESTING WINDOWS have been set by the state (starting no earlier than April 4). Your KCSD administrative team will set and share the specific testing dates very soon. There is ONE WINDOW per test (not separate PBA/ EOY).
  • The tested grades/ subjects HAVE NOT CHANGED
  • Third graders WILL take a Reading test in the Fall to inform the Third Grade Reading Guarantee as in the past.
    • Each test is two parts at 90 minutes each = total 180 minutes*
    • *Test blueprints in English language arts and mathematics are available and the science or social studies blueprints have not changed since last year.
      • New English language arts and mathematics sample test items  and Additional sample items for science and social studies have been added to the TIDE Portal at

BUILDING Testing Schedules: 

    • Third graders will take both parts of the Fall ELA test on paper on December 3
    • Some high school students* will take both parts of the tests online on December 8
    • Grades 3-10 will take both parts of  spring ELA tests online during window of April 4 – 22
    • All other academic tests: both parts administered online during window of April 13 – May 3

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