Adopted Materials

Below are the Board of Education adopted materials for courses in the Kent City Schools (under construction).



April 2020: Elementary English Language Arts (Reference District Local Literacy Plan)
         Heggerty Phonemic Awareness Curriculum (PK-1)
Fundations (K-3)
Wit and Wisdom (K-5)

March  2020: Middle School Science

June 2018: 6-10 English Language Arts

March/ April 2018: 6-12 Social Studies
          Grade 7 – Ancient Civilizations,
          Grade 8 – United States History Beginnings to 1877
          World History – Modern World History
          U.S. History – 1877 to the Present
          Advanced Placement Psychology
          U.S. Government – United States Government

May 2017 – High School Advanced Placement Biology
April 2017 – High School Advanced Placement Environmental Science (new course)
March 2017 – K-5 Mathematics, Grade 3 Social Studies, Grade 5 Social Studies
February 2017 – Stanton Middle School Math Courses
March 2016 – High School Advanced Placement Statistics, High
School Advanced Placement Human Geography (new course)

February 2016 – High School Math Courses