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Educator Updates for 2016-17 School Year

In wrapping up the school year (already!?), and my second year with Kent City Schools, I cannot express how honored I am to be a part of your family.  Your tireless dedication to ‘students first’ and then to your colleagues is inspiring.  You have let me learn beside you and we have had some powerful conversations about not only what we are doing so well, but where we have room to grow.  Your collaboration and hard work has led to amazing successes this year and to some more great things on the horizon! There are no assignments here, just information if you want it. You will also receive copies of the pertinent handouts at your opening building meetings in August.

  1. SLO Guidance Handout 2016 (ODE Rubric, KCSD Helpful Hints)
  2. Internal Elementary Assessments 2016-17:
    – Clarity on State Diagnostic Reporting (which and when) and updating
    – Current use of SBAs by grade level (goal: develop/revise common writing SBAs as soon as ELA maps are completed by grade level)
    – Required and optional use of STAR
    – Rigby and F&P Schedule and revised benchmarks
    – Clarity on use of AIMSweb in Kindergarten and grade 1

Grade Level C&I Goals/ Projects/ Expectations for the coming school year:

  1. Reinstate requirement to teach handwriting utilizing the Standard Format. Beginning this fall, all teacher will be expected to incorporate Standard Format handwriting instruction into their lessons using Fundations, Zaner-Bloser, or other approved materials. More guidance, including grade-specific year-end benchmarks, is forthcoming.
  2. Ensure all K-5 educators are trained with the new MyON program and are utilizing its features to support students at every level
  3. Incorporate more specific strategies for vocabulary acquisition across all subjects
  4. Complete ELA pacing guides (each grade level) and develop study team to determine resource needs
  5. Complete/ revise grade-specific writing SBAs
  6. Utilize Fundations as Tier I instruction in all Kindergarten classes
  7. Select a math program to implement fully in fall 2017.

(There are other things that I know we are working on by grade level)

Your feedback via the year-end survey and/ or directly to me is appreciated!