Parent Access

Kent City Schools Progress Book ParentAccess
Instructions 2013-2014

To access the new Parent Access website, parents and students will need to create new accounts this year. Prior year login information will NOT allow access.

At the beginning of the school year, letters will be sent home with your child containing the Registration Key required for creating a new account.

Please follow the instructions below to view your child’s classroom progress and to create a login for your student to view assignments, grades, etc.

ParentAccess Directions At-A-Glance [PDF]

ParentAccess- Detailed Instructions [PDF]

Please contact the building Secretary with any additional questions.

Kent City Schools District grade levels K-12 are now using Progress Book software as their online grade book. Progress Book has many capabilities. Please read below to learn how your child’s teacher may be using Progress Book.

  • Teachers in grades K-5 use Progress Book to enter attendance and lunch count, enter report cards, and are putting grades in the system. Your child’s teacher will inform you if they choose to use the Parent Access Module.
  • All teachers in grades 6-12 are using the Parent Access Module. In addition they use ProgressBook for attendance, report card entry, grades, and homework assignments.


Why am I unable to see my child’s assignments for some classes when I click on the grade for that class?     

  • When a teacher creates an assignment, he or she must check a box marked, “Post to the Web,” in order for it to be viewable through Parent Access.  Teachers will let you know if they are posting marks to the web.

Please Note: Not all teachers are posting marks to the web at this time.

Understanding Weighted Assignments

  • When viewing your child’s grades for a particular class, it’s important to click on the link at the bottom of the list of assignments titled, “View by Assignment Type.”  Teachers may choose to weigh some assignment types more than others.  Clicking this link will show you your child’s average for each weighted assignment category.  If your child is struggling in a particular category, this allows you to see categories of weakness and assist in that area.  This is particularly important in middle and high school where weighted categories are used more predominantly.

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