5th Grade Parents

Just a reminder that Thursday, May 28 is our big day.  Packages will be delivered the day before.  We would like for them to all open them together at the gathering.  

1:00 – 5th Grade Celebration – Google Meet – Recognizing all students, showing video, Lion’s Awards, Tom Biggins Awards

3:30 – 5th Grade Clap Out – Families will drive through the back parking lot and the Holden staff will be clapping them out.  It will begin at 3:30 and end at 4:30.  We hope you can all make it. 


Pictures and Parent Messages Received (Reminder they are due by this Sunday)

Kendall Walter

Chloe Bivens*

Jacob Miller

June Polster*

Logan King*

Amin Nouh*

Tameem Alharbi*

Kane Fahl*

Alec Bennett

Zayden Larrison

Jason Jeffers*

Alexis Kruger*

Emmanuel Fujamade*

Maddy Slack*

Trevor Bogovich*

Julian Amos

Omar Elbahnasawy*

Brianna Landon

Kelly Xiao*

Crishaun Reese

Joseph Straw*

Brooklyn Frank*

Jakub Weeks*


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