A Few Reminders….

1.  Acme Community Cash Back Receipts are due by January 31st.  Please send them in with your child or you can drop them off in the container located by the front door.  Box Tops for Education will need to be turned in by Spring Break.  Please send them with your child to turn in to their teacher.  These are two ways to help Holden earn extra money.  

2.  Key Maker Award – If you would like to recognize a Kent City School employee or volunteer that have made an impact in a student(s’) life, please complete the attached form.  All nominated individuals will receive a certificate.  

3.  No New Tax Bond Issue –  You can also visit the district website to view a PowerPoint for more details.  http://www.kentschools.net/

Fast facts about the “No New Tax” Bond Issue #6

  • Kent Schools “No New Tax” will NOT raise taxes for homeowners but will keep students safe and maintain our community’s investment in our schools. Issue #6 appears on the March 17, 2020 ballot.
  • Bonds issued over 20 years ago to construct Stanton Middle School and renovate Roosevelt High School and Davey Elementary are maturing. Kent Schools is taking advantage of this opportunity to make needed improvements to all of our schools at NO new cost to our taxpayers.