State Testing Schedule

All students (including remote) in grades 3-5 will begin state testing this week.  It is important that your child gets a good night sleep and arrives to school on time.  Makeup testing is challenging because it will take students away from instruction in the classroom and it is important for each child to receive as much instruction as possible.  The schedule is listed below.

Thursday, April 8 – 4th Grade Reading
Friday, April 9 – 4th Grade Reading
Tuesday, April 13 – 5th Grade Reading
Wednesday, April 14 – 5th Grade Reading
Thursday, April 15 – 3rd Grade Reading
Friday, April 16 – 3rd Grade Reading
Tuesday, April 20 – 5th Grade Math
Wednesday, April 21 – 5th Grade Math
Thursday, April 22 – 4th Grade Math
Friday, April 23 – 4th Grade Math
Tuesday, April 27 – 3rd Grade Math
Wednesday, April 28 – 3rd Grade Math
Thursday, April 29 – 5th Grade Science
Friday, April 30 – 5th Grade Science

Things that Make You Go, Hmmmm

Please click on the link below to listen to student podcast episodes covering eight different topics called Things that make you go, “Hmmm. . .”
Since mid-October, one of our projects, among enrichment students, in grades 3-5, from Holden and Walls Elementary Schools, has been to produce a podcast with eight diverse episodes. Things that make you go, “Hmmm. . .” is the collaborative effort of all enrichment students, and everything was accomplished virtually. Some of these groups met weekly for 45 minutes.Developing an episode, beginning with only an idea, and learning how to collaborate with peers has instilled a humble sense of pride among these students. They learned that not everything is instant. They had to wait for email replies from individuals we reached out to in hopes of eliciting an expert to enhance students’ research and findings. Perhaps 5 emails were sent regarding one episode, and only one replied with the ability to help. Their patience was not in vain, and they learned patience and perseverance. We hope you enjoy our podcast.

Holden Picture Day

Candid Picture Day
2/11 and 2/19
Picture Day Schedule for Remote Students
March 4
–  9:00-9:30 2nd grade
–  9:30-10:00 1st grade
–  10:00-10:30 Kindergarten
March 5
–  9:00-9:30 5th grade
–  9:30-10:00 4th grade
–  10:00-10:30 3rd grade
Below is a link for the yearbook order.  The yearbooks will not be delivered until August 2021.
Yearbook Order Form

Kindness Week Challenge

Hello Holden Families

Next week Holden will be participating in “The Great Kindness Challenge.” We hope that you will encourage your child to participate in the festivities to promote kindness. Next week students will be given a list of kindness acts that they can accomplish. If they complete 12 or more they can hand the paper in to Ms. Ives to have a heart with their name on it posted on our Kindness Wall. Remote students are encouraged to participate as well and teachers can email Ms. Ives the names of students that have accomplished 12 kindness acts.
The Great Kindness Challenge!
February 8th-12th
Kindness unites us….Holden, Davey, Longcoy and Walls All elementary buildings will be participating!
● Copies of The Great Kindness Challenge will be given to all students both in person and virtual
● Every challenge returned to your school counselor we will put a heart up on the bulletin board
● Create a “kindness corner” in the lunchroom- kids will be able to make a banner to be delivered to another elementary school letting them know YOUR SCHOOL IS COOL!
● Spirit Week Dress Up!
Tuesday: Team up for KINDNESS! – wear your favorite sports attire and or team
Wednesday: Shine bright with KINDNESS!- wear neon/ bright or sparkle clothing
Thursday/Friday: Show the LOVE! Wear Red or Pink for Valentines Day!!!

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