CP Bio: Unit 7 Cell Division and Meiosis

Date Topic Homework Resources
12-4 Unit learning Map UNIT 7 Cell Division;

10.1 & 10.2 Cell Growth and division; Animation; Cell Cycle notes

Mitosis worksheet Tutorial: Cell Cycle;

Tutorial: Mitosis;  animation 1; animation 2; animation3; 


Mitosis video

 12-5 Lab- Onion root tip mitosis  Visualizing Mitosis  
12-4  Meiosis notes

Meiosis Notes Meiosis ppt; animation


  Tutorial: Meiosis;

diagrams; Animation;

Video: Meiosis

12-9 Crossing over activity;

Visualizing meiosis

FINISH-Visualizing meiosis Tutorial: Meiosis I ;Tutorial: Meiosis II

Animated guide to meiosis;


12-10 Review   QUIZLET: Cell Cycle

 QUIZLET: Meiosis

12-11  Quest: Cell Division and Meiosis  11.1/11.2 Flip notes;Note sheet; PPT Genetics intro