CP Bio: Unit 4 Populations

Unit 4 Populations

Date Topic Homework Resources
10-14 5.1 Notes: How populations grow, 5.1ppt

Unit learning Map UNIT 4 Populations

HW: Population graph Tutorial: Carrying capacity;

Tutorial: Population density

Tutorial: Human population

10-15  Limiting factors

5.2/5.3 notes,5.2/5.3 ppt;

Population distribution activity;

Predator prey relationships

Isle Royal background

Graphs (predict): Moose; Wolf

Graphs (actual) Moose; Wolf

Articles: Wolf; Moose






Predator/prey HW

 Tutorial: Predator Prey
10-17 Competition in paramecium lab; Link to Virtual lab






 Finish 5.2/ 5.3 notes;Human Population Growth


Age structure diagrams

   Tutorial: Demographic transition;

Tutorial: Developing vs developed countries

10-22 Invasive Species ppt;Article,Activity    Tutorial: Introduced vs invasive species;

Tutorial: Invasive species;


10-23 Pesticides and Biomagnification,

Amoeba Sisters video;

Pesticides ppt;

White board activity

HW: Video recap  Tutorial: Biomagnification;


10-24 Concept Mapping;Words Study for test Ch 5 Quizlet Review

Unit 4 Kick offs

10-25 Test Unit 4  Populations