CP Bio: Unit 12 Bacteria/Viruses

Unit 13 Bacteria/Viruses:

Day Topic Homework Resources


Learning Map UNIT 12 Bacteria and Viruses;

Intro to bacteria;                   

19.1 Bacteria ppt,Bacteria notes;Bacteria coloring


Bacteria coloring;

Amoeba sisters recap

Learning Map UNIT 12 Bacteria and Viruses

Tutorial: Bacteria;Tutorial: Bacteria shapes



Lab:Analyzing bacterial cultures; Culturing Bacteria   link;
3-13 Bacteria friend or foe; Website link  HW: How do bacteria become resistant?

Comic : Bacterial resistance (comic strip)

Due MONDAY 3-18

Antibiotics ppt
3-14 Finish lab; Analyze data; Lab Write up    
3-15 No school    
3-18 Intro to Viruses; 19.2 Virus ppt; 19.2 Virus notetaker;Visualizing viruses wkst  Amoeba sisters recap  Tutorial: Viruses;Tutorial: Lystic vs lysogenic cycle
3-19 Lab: Typhoid Who?  Finish lab questions  
3-20 Article Jigsaw

Article 1/ questions

Article 2, questions

Article 3, questions




QUIZLET: Bacteria and Viruses

Learning Map UNIT 12 Bacteria and Viruses



Test Ch. 19 Bacteria and viruses