CP Bio: Unit 13 Protists and Fungi

Day Topic Homework Resources
1 Unit 13 learning Map Protists

Stations NOTES Protista


1-What are Protists?

2-Animal like protists

3-Plant Like Protists

4-Fungus like protists

5-Diseases caused by protists

6- Benefits of protists



  Tutorial: Protists;
2 Protista coloring packet; ameoba, paramecium, euglena    
3 Lab day: Sketching preserved specimen


4 Lab day: Live protista;

Make up lab

 Finish chart What am I looking for?


5 Algea café/ Benefits of algea activity;

Kingdom Protista Concept Map; Is there Algae in your Food-Due at end of class

 Science in the News: Seaweed Farming Article   KEY to concept map



Unit 13 learning Map Protists






QUIZ: Kingdom Protista



FLIP: Fungus notes: Note sheet; ppt

Unit 14 learning Map Fungi

  Quizlet: Protists


Lab day: Mushroom dissection, Mold observation Fungus lab   FUNGUS LAB IMAGES;

Fungus lab ppt

 9 Applications to humans: Computer research“The Fungus Amongus”  — use the following links:

1. Fungal Skin Infections;

2. Discovery of Penicillin;

3. How Penicillin Works

4. Poisonous vs. Edible Mushrooms–Complete your own search

5. Dangers of Mold;


   Tutorial: Benefits of Fungi;

LINK to  new website for #5http://www.freshairx.com/mold-dangers-remedies/





Unit 14 learning Map Fungi

 10 Quiz: Kingdom Fungi    QUIZLET Vocab: FUNGI