CP Bio: Unit 8 Genetics

Day Topic Home work Resources
1 Unit-learning-Map-UNIT-8-Mendelain Genetics;

Heredity simulator;

GIZMO Mouse genetics monohybrid

 Read 11.1/11.2

Flip Notes: Intro to genetics;

Notes: Intro to Genetics, PPT:

Review 11.1/11.2

Tutorial: Dominant traits;
How to draw a Punnett square;Video: Amoeba sisters; Monohybrid crosses,Khan Academy: Introduction to Heredity (homo/hetero/punnet squares)
 2 LAB: Determining YOUR phenotype and genotype for various traits; Practice problems Independent assortment;

Video:Intro to Genetics

 3  Monohybrid crosses;

BIG Toe Lab

Monohybrid problems Genetics interactive:

Practice problems

4 Dihybrid crosses;

notes; PPT;


HW: Practice problems Video: Ameoba sisters; Dihybrid cross
5 Practice Problems;

Gizmo Dihybrid mice CER;





      QUIZLET: Introduction to Genetic terms
6 QUIZ: Mono/Dihybrid crosses;

Unit 8B learning-Map Genetics

Genetics: Beyond the Basics (11.3);Notes;ppt;

Genetics problems: HW: Incomplete Co-Dom Practice; Tutorial: Polygenic traits;;
7 Multiple alleles;Blood types; practice problems Multiple alleles HW Tutorial: Blood types;

RedCross link blood-types

8 Polygenic Traits;

Activity: Skin color genetics

Slide show: Case study for skin color

9 Pedigrees;

pedigree investigator; Link to site;

Pedigree Analysis Worksheet Tutorial: Pedigrees;

Tutorial: Analyzing pedigrees;

drag and drop pedigree



 11  Sex linked traits;ppt; notes  HW: Sex linked problems ; colorblindness pedigree Tutorial: Sex linked traits;  sex linked practice
 12 Practice of all types of genetics problems    
 13 Non-disjunction and disorders; notesheet; ppt    Tutorial: Genetic disorders
 14 Karyotyping PPT;

Karyotype analysis


STUDY:Genetics review QUIZLET: Patterns of Inheritance
 15 Test: Genetics    











  Chi Square Notes; Chi Square Lab

Linkage crosses; Gene linkage ppt, Linkage NOTES




Linkage with Dragon Genetics


Chi Square tutorial;