CP Bio: Unit 3 Ecology

This unit is a FLIPPED unit. Prior to class you will be watching ppts or videos and filling out note sheets to prepare you for the lesson of the day.

Day Topic Homework Resources
  Unit 2 Test Amoeba sisters : Food web video/ Video recap  Unit 3 Learning Map

Intro to Ecol ppt/ Fill in Note sheet







Energy flow





GIZMO: Coral reef Gizmo







Coral reef article + questions




Unit learning Map UNIT 3 Ecology;

Tutorial:Intro to Ecology;

Tutorial: Habitat vs Niche;

Tutorial: Food webs







3  Coral Reef Gizmo part 2 Ameoba sisters: Carbon Nitrogen cycle video/ Recap  
4 Carbon and Nitrogen cycle practice activity  Amoeba Sisters: Succession video/ Recap Nutrient Cycling ppt;

Tutorial: Cycles of matter/Fill in note sheet

5 Succession Activity FLIP: Tutorial: Eutrophication/ Fill in note sheet Tutorial: Succession;

Biomes/Succession video ppt w/ Note sheet

6 Lake Erie Algal Bloom; Eutrophication practice Activity;    



Eutrophication Jig saw


Amoeba Sisters: Relationships video/ recap


Symbiosis video ppt w/ Note sheet

8 QUIZ: Eutrophication

Symbiosis practice activity;

Concept map

Finish concept map; Study for test Tutorial: Symbiosis


Unit learning Map UNIT 3 Ecology;

Unit 3 Kick offs;

Quizlet Vocab

Unit 3 Review Video

9 Unit 3 TEST: Ecology