CP Bio: Unit 3 Ecology

This unit is a FLIPPED unit. Prior to class you will be watching ppts or videos and filling out note sheets to prepare you for the lesson of the day.

Date Topic Homework Resources
9-27 Unit 2 Test Amoeba sisters : Food web video/ Video recap  Unit 3 Learning Map

Intro to Ecol ppt/ Fill in Note sheet







Energy flow





GIZMO: Coral reef Gizmo







Coral reef article + questions




Unit learning Map UNIT 3 Ecology;

Tutorial:Intro to Ecology;

Tutorial: Habitat vs Niche;

Tutorial: Food webs







10-2  Coral Reef Gizmo part 2 Ameoba sisters: Carbon Nitrogen cycle video/ Recap  
10-3 Carbon and Nitrogen cycle practice activity  Amoeba Sisters: Succession video/ Recap Nutrient Cycling ppt;

Tutorial: Cycles of matter/Fill in note sheet

10-4 Succession Activity FLIP: Tutorial: Eutrophication/ Fill in note sheet Tutorial: Succession;

Biomes/Succession video ppt w/ Note sheet

10-7 Lake Erie Algal Bloom; Eutrophication practice Activity;    



Eutrophication Jig saw


Amoeba Sisters: Relationships video/ recap


Symbiosis video ppt w/ Note sheet

10-9 QUIZ: Eutrophication

Symbiosis practice activity;

Concept map

Finish concept map; Study for test Tutorial: Symbiosis


Unit learning Map UNIT 3 Ecology;

Unit 3 Kick offs;

Quizlet Vocab

Unit 3 Review Video

10-10 Unit 3 TEST: Ecology