CP Bio: Unit 2 Biochemistry

Date Topic Homework Resources/Helps
9-11 Chemistry review: Atomic structure, Periodic table, Ions, Isotopes;

Chem review POGIL 1

Practice worksheet learning Map UNIT 2 Chemistry of Life


Tutorial: Atoms review;

Tutorial: Electron shells;

2.1 ppt;2.1 Notetaker;

 periodic table

9-12 Chem review: Elements/ Compounds,  Bonding: Ionic/ Covalent;

Bonding review POGIL

Read 2-2 Tutorial: Covalent bonds;

Tutorial: Ionic bonds;








Inquiry lab: Polarity of water



2-2 Properties of water,  2.2 Water ; 2.2 notetaker; Lab: Polarity and surface tension of water







Lab questions

Tutorial: Polar covalent bonds;

Tutorial: Hydrogen bonds;

Tutorial: Properties of water;

Video: Amoeba Sisters- Properties of water

Video recap

9-17 QUIZ;2-2: Acids/Bases;

Properties of Acids/Bases GIZMO

  Tutorial: Acids/Bases;

Tutorial: Buffers;





2-3 Organic compounds; 2.3 notetaker ;2.3 ppt




Chart on back of notes




Video: Amoeba sisters-Organic Compounds

Video recap

9-19 McMush Lab pt 1;Organic molecules in breakfast cereal chemistry of life concept map  
9-20 McMush lab pt 2;

If you were absent: GIZMO: Identifying Nutrients

Lab Questions  
9-23 2.4 Enzymes; 2.4 notetaker Enzymes, 2.4 PPT Amoeba Sisters:

Video: Amoeba Sisters-Enzymes

Video recap


Video: Enzymes


9-24 White-board:

Enzyme catalyzed reactions

Read 2.4

Science in the News: “Going Gray” article + rubric


Enzyme liver lab;

Make up lab video;

Finish lab questions; Define Concept Map words  
9-26 Concept Mapping Finish concept map  
    Study for test Learning Map UNIT 2 Chemistry of Life; Unit 2 Biology kick offs

Unit 2 review ppt

Vocab Words on Quizlet

9-27 Unit 2 TEST