CP Bio: Unit 15 Animals

Date Topic Homework Resources
26.1What are animals notes
; Animal Kingdom ppt;Unit Map
 FLIP: Animal Kingdom  Tutorial: Animals;Intro video
5-1 Phylum Porifera; Sponge Lab; Sketch Sheet

Sponge Lab Observation Video;

Shape of Life: Sponges

  Tutorial: Porifera
5-2 Phylum Cnideria; Hydra Lab;

Shape of life: Cnidaria

Video for make up lab

  Tutorial: Cnidaria
5-3 Phylum Platyhelminthes;

Shape of Life: Platyhelmminthes

Planaria Lab;

Video for make up lab

Finish lab questions  
5-6 Phylum Annelida;

Shape of Life: Annelida

Live Earthworm lab;

Video for make up lab

 Earthworm diagram  
5-7 Earthworm dissection; Earthworm anatomy, dissection;

VIRTUAL LAB (make up)

Finish lab questions  
5-8 Phylum Mollusca;

Shape of Life: Mollusca

Sketch Sheet

5-9 Phylum Arthropoda;

Shape of Life: Arthropods

Sketch Sheet;

 Arthropod Coloring  
5-9 LAB: Arthropods: compare crayfish and grasshopper    
5-10  Phylum Echinodermata;

Shape of Life: Echinoderms Video;
Sketch Sheet

  Skip 2019- No starfish available

LAB:starfish dissection lab;

Dissection video

Finish lab?’s  MAKE UP: starfish dissection
5-13 Phylum Chordata

Shape of life: Chordata;Video;

Sketch guide, chordata

5-14  Frog External Anatomy  Finish lab?’s Frog dissection alternative
5-15  Frog Dissection  Finish lab?’s


Quizlet: Animals

 Virtual lab;


 5-16  Quest: Animals    
 5-17 & 5-21 Exam review    
 5/21-5/23 EXAMS    
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