Word Wall Words

Word WallThese are the most common words found in your child’s reading and writing.

They are also sometimes called “sight words” because your child should know them instantly, on sight, when reading.  This helps your child be a more fluent reader.

In writing, they should be spelled correctly while looking at the list.  Spellings do not need to be memorized.

On Fridays, I will send home flashcards that contain our words for the coming week. On the front, you will find a single word. On the back, you will find a sentence that contains the word. You will find that the sentences are far more difficult to read. To help your child remember the sentence, he or she will draw a picture to go with the sentence. The first words that come home during the year will be review words from kindergarten. We will do the first set together at school. After that, you will work on the words at home and they DO NOT need to be returned to me.

Each Monday, your child will bring home homework that combines the word wall and spelling words. All homework is due Friday of the week it is sent home unless I specifically tell you a different day.