Welcome to First Grade!

This website is meant to help keep you connected with our class. Please browse through the pages to help you get an idea of what your child will be doing this year.

To help you understand our classroom activities, I will be having a parent meeting in September. I will send home the date at a later time. By the time we have our meeting, we will have established our classroom routines and I can tell you about what we are doing and what to expect. One of the ways I will keep you informed before that time is with a weekly newsletter. It will come home each Friday in your child’s folder.

Here are some things you may notice during the first weeks of school:

  • If you ask your child what he or she did at school, expect to hear about recess. It takes a while for the kids to explain what we are doing and they are getting used to changes from summer activities.
  • Your child is likely to be extremely tired.  Many kids have not had to follow any routine, or get up early, for quite some time. During the first weeks of school, I will make sure to include lots of breaks and times for moving.
  • Our room is often really warm. We are on the sunny, asphalt side of the building. I love our room, but remember that Longcoy does not have air conditioning. All that heat tends to make the kids tired. Do not be surprised if they seem exhausted, a little more “whiney” than usual, or any of the other things that come from being truly tired.
  • Finally, kids are sometimes hesitant to come to school. They love being with family and friends at home. This is especially true if they are leaving a younger sibling at home. We will work to become a family and this will get better with time.

I am looking forward to getting to know your child. The first few weeks fly by as we learn about our new room, teacher, and friends.

I think this is going to be a great year!

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