Happy 90th Birthday to Davey!

On September 2, 1922, the  first day of school began at Kent High School (now known as Davey Elementary School). Today we are celebrating the 90th birthday of Davey Elementary!

The staff and students proudly celebrated the “birthday” of our school today. The Kent Historical Society provided birthday treats for each student in order to commemorate this special occasion! Special thanks to Mrs.Bednar and Mrs. Kenworthy for preparing our birthday treats!



Box Tops Contest

Go to www.btfe.com/hero to sign up to be a Box Tops Hero. Each new email signed up earns Davey 5 electronic boxtops….that’s 50 cents per email! Once signed up, watch for emails for sweepstakes, games and other ways to earn E-boxtops without having to make a purchase. E-boxtops are automatically deposited to Davey’s account….no clipping or counting!!!!
Be sure to enter Davey Elementary as your school of choice.
Once you are signed up for Box Tops, be sure to go to the Avery link to vote for Davey Elementary! Sign up to receive the daily reminder and VOTE FOR DAVEY!
This is what Avery is giving away!
The top 5 vote-getting schools will receive:
  • 25,000 Box Tops for Education coupons
  • $10,000 worth of Avery school supplies
  • $1,000 worth of gift cards
The 25 runner-up schools will each receive:
  • 10,000 Box Tops for Education coupons
10 random winners with more than 100 votes will receive:
  • 5,000 Box Tops for Education coupons
Thanks for supporting Davey Elementary!

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