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Elementary Students at RHS Football Games

August 27, 2019

Dear Elementary Families,

Our 2019-2020 school year is officially underway!  The beginning of school is such an exciting time for all students and their families.  With that excitement comes a great opportunity for family fun, and school spirit…. Rough Rider football!!

The Kent City Schools administration invites you to join us on Friday nights for home football games.  It is a great way to be part of the community of Kent, and to introduce your children to the spirit of the Rough Riders.  In an effort to encourage and include our elementary families, we have designated an ELEMENTARY FAMILY SECTION that is located at the north end of the stadium.  Please feel free to sit in this section with your family and children and enjoy the game.

We would like to remind you that football games are a school event that requires parent supervision.  Because this is not a DROP OFF event, students should be accompanied by a parent or other supervising adult AT ALL TIMES.  As always, there will be administrators present and stationed at different posts throughout the stadium.  Should you need anything during a game, please locate a staff member or Kent Police Officer for assistance.

In an effort to ensure the safety of ALL community members, football and other sporting activities will not be permitted in the open areas of the stadium during the game.  PLEASE DO NOT BRING FOOTBALLS OR OTHER ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT FOR USE DURING THE GAME.

Students are encouraged to stay seated with their parents when not traveling to and from the concession stand.  Please help us make Friday nights fun and safe for everyone.  We will see you at the game! GO RIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!


The Elementary Administrative Team

Heidi Singer- Principal- Walls Elementary

Todd Poole- Principal- Holden Elementary

Janice Swan- Principal- Longcoy Elementary

Abbey Bolton- Principal- Davey Elementary