Davey Preschool Tuition Information

New Students | Currently Enrolled Students

The tuition amount for the 2019-2020 school year is $2,645 and must be paid in quarterly payments at MyPaymentsPlus.com.  A tuition reduction may be available, based on household income.

To apply for a tuition reduction:

  1. Complete the Sliding Tuition Scale Application.
    When completing the application, select “My child will be a tuition student, I will be applying for tuition discount”. The Sliding Tuition Scale Application will be part of the enrollment application.
  2. The Sliding Tuition Scale Application will be processed once application verification has been provided.  Documents accepted as verification are as follows:
    – Employment Records: Most recent W-2 form or five (5) most recent pay stubs.
    – Social Security, Pension, or Retirement Records: Social Security benefit letter, statement of benefits received, or pension award notice.
    – Unemployment, Disability, or Worker’s Compensation:  Notice of eligibility from State employment security office, check stub, or letter from Worker’s Compensation’s Office.
    – SNAP (Food Stamp) or OWF: SNAP (Food Stamp) or OWF Certification Notice showing date of certification or letter from SNAP (Food Stamp) or OWF office showing date of certification.
    – Child Support or Alimony: Court decree, agreement, or copies of checks received.
    – Other income (such as rental or scholarship income): Information that shows the amount of income received, how often it is received, and the date received.

Please contact Davey Preschool at 330-676-7415 if assistance is needed.