3rd Quarter Project info


Each quarter, you are required to complete a project outside of class that demonstrates your detailed understanding of a topic of your choice. Since 3rd Quarter is about heat and energy, your topic will be from that general subject area. Your project must be completed individually, will be due on Tuesday, March 18th, 2014 by 7:30am and will be worth 50 points. You will also be required to do a short summary of three other students’ projects; these summaries will be worth 10 points total.


You may choose a topic from one of the following four subject areas:
1. the use, importance and/or controversy involving energy sources and usage
2. a specific topic in food chemistry
3. a significant historical or modern use/application of a gas or gasses
4. a specific topic related to nuclear chemistry

Your specific topic must be unique for your class period – first come, first serve – and you must decide on your topic by Friday, February 28th. Your 3rd Quarter Project Exploration assignment will also be due the same day through Google Drive, and it is worth 10 points. Your 3rd Quarter Project Outline assignment will be due on Tuesday, March 11th and it is worth 10 points.

Project products

For this project, in order to demonstrate your understanding of your topic, you will create a multimedia project that you will then share in a small group setting. All projects will be graded primarily for their information, but also for how well they explain your topic, how easy they are to understand and how neatly they are arranged. It is expected that you will present your topic in an informative, third-person voice, but you are encouraged to consider other ways (such as a narrative, a semi-fictional journal entry, a conversation between two scientists, etc.). Your project must include a links/references page with at least four references in the APA style.


All projects must include citations to original source material using the APA style guidelines. Your project must reference at least five different sources, all of which may be Internet sources. You may NOT use WikiPedia as a primary source. Using source material without referencing is plagiarism; websites submitted without references will not be graded. The APA citation style is explained and demonstrated at: http://www.liunet.edu/cwis/cwp/library/workshop/citapa.htm