2nd Quarter Project info


Each quarter, you will be required to complete a project outside of class that demonstrates your detailed understanding of a topic of your choice. Since 2nd Quarter is about chemical quantities and measurements, your topic will be from that general subject area. Your project must be completed individually, will be due on Thursday, January 9th, 2014 by 7:25am and will be worth 50 points. You will also be required to give a short (3-5 minute) presentation on your topic in class during the last week of the quarter; this presentation will be worth 15 points. Finally, you will write a short reflection on your classmates’ presentations on Google Drive; this reflection will be worth 10 points.


You may choose a topic from one of the following three subject areas:

  • the development of and history behind a scientific unit of measurement
  • a career that is closely related to and dependent upon chemistry
  • a controversial modern or historical topic involving or somehow related to chemistry

Your specific topic must be unique for your class period – first come, first serve – and you must decide on your topic by Friday, December 6th. Your 2nd Quarter Project Exploration assignment will also be due the same day through Google Drive and it is worth 10 points.

Project products

For this project, in order to demonstrate your understanding of your topic, you will create a Google Drive Presentation that you will present to the class. All Google Docs Presentations will be graded primarily for their information, but also for how well they explain your topic and how easy they are to understand. At minimum, your Google Drive Presentation must include the following:

  • a title slide with the title of your project, your name, and your class period
  • at least five slides with information and pictures/images
  • a reference slide with at least three references (one non-Internet) in the APA style format

Exemplary Google Drive Presentations will fully cover their topic using clean design, a well-organized layout, and lots of facts and information. You may also use similar presentation programs for your project such as Apple Keynote or OpenOffice Impress, but you must upload your presentation to Google Drive. Your presentation file must be turned in electronically on Google Drive by 7:25am on Thursday, January 9th, 2014. After everyone has presented, you will complete a reflection assignment via Google Drive by Tuesday, January 14th.


All projects must include a reference slide of citations to original source material using the APA style guidelines. Your project must reference at least three different sources, one of which must be a print source (i.e., not an Internet source). You may NOT use WikiPedia as a primary source. Using source material without referencing is plagiarism and will severely affect your grade.