Practice Quizzes

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I’ve created two kinds of chemistry practice quizzes – interactive quizzes and standard quizzes.  The interactive quizzes are good for “drill and kill” review to get a concept down, and for the general public.  The standard quizzes are formatted to be similar to the ones I give in CP Chemistry at Roosevelt High School, and would be best for my students who are preparing for a specific quiz in class.

Interactive Quizzes

CP Chemistry Practice Quizzes

These are my standard practice quizzes for CP Chemistry.  They are based on the same learning targets as the actual quizzes, so you should use these to study before we take the real thing in class.  Just click on the Quiz name to start!  If you still want to use the PDF version that’s exactly like the paper version I use in class, click on the PDF link instead.

1st Quarter

2nd Quarter

3rd Quarter

4th Quarter

Key for all CP Chemistry Practice Quizzes