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AP Physics 2: Mon. 1/12 – Wed. 1/14

Welcome to exam week!  Here’s the schedule for the week of Monday, Jan. 12 through Friday, Jan. 16:

Mon. 1/12 Review Quiz #2-6A; plan for semester exam
HW: study for the exam! Review the 1st Semester Exam Course Topics
Tue. 1/13 Quiz #2-6B: RC Circuits
Wed. 1/14 1st, 2nd and 5th period exams

  • 2nd period: 9:20a – 10:50a (10 extra minutes)
  • 5th period: 11:45a – 1:15p (10 extra minutes)
Thu. 1/15 7th, 8th and 6th period exams
Fri. 1/16 3rd and 4th period exams
HW: do p.672 #71-82

Your semester exam will be based heavily on practice questions from the College Board for the AP Physics 2 course, so make sure you review your old quizzes and notes.  Good luck on all of your exams, and I hope you have a great week!

AP Physics 2: Mon. 1/5 – Fri. 1/9

Welcome to 2015, the year you graduate!  Here are your homework assignments for Monday, Jan. 5th through Friday, Jan. 9th:

Mon. 1/5 R-C circuits
HW: read Hecht Ch. 18.5; finish p.672 #57-68
Tue. 1/6 review circuit practice problems
Wed. 1/7 Lab Activity #2-7: DC Circuit Simulations
HW: Lab Activity #2-7: DC Circuit Simulations (due Mon. Jan. 12)
Thu. 1/8 NO SCHOOL
Fri. 1/9 Quiz #2-6A: RC Circuits
HW: finish Lab Activity #2-7: DC Circuit Simulations (due Mon. Jan 12)

We’re almost to the semester exam, so please let me know if you have any questions!  I’ll have some exam review materials ready for you soon.

AP Physics 2: Mon. 12/15 – Fri. 12/19

Hey there, future scientists – welcome to the last school week of 2014!  My goal this week is to help you develop a solid understanding of direct current and how it relates to resistance, voltage and emf.  Here are your assignments for Monday, Dec. 15 through Friday, Dec. 19:

Mon. 12/15 Power and energy as they relate to direct current; start Lab #2-6: Ohm’s Law
HW: start write-up for Lab #2-6: Ohm’s Law (due Thu. 12/18 on Google Drive); Writing Assignment #2-5 (due Fri. 12/19 on Google Drive)
DUE: Lab #2-5: Direct Current
Tue. 12/16 Quiz #2-5A: Direct Current
finish Lab #2-6: Ohm’s Law
HW: read Hecht Ch. 18.1; do p.668 #1-14 (not #10)
Wed. 12/17 EMF & internal resistance; resistors in series & parallel
HW: read Hecht Ch. 18.2-18.3; do p.668 #15-30
Thu. 12/18 Quiz #2-5B: Direct Current
HW: read Hecht Ch. 18.4; do p.672 #57-68
DUE: write-up for Lab #2-6: Ohm’s Law
Fri. 12/19 R-C circuits
HW: read Hecht Ch. 18.5; over break, do as many of p.669 #31-50 as you can!
DUE: Writing Assignment #2-5

I hope you have a great week and a wonderful Winter Break!  Don’t hesitate to drop me a line if you have any questions over break.  When we get back, we’ll only have one week to fully grasp R-C circuits and Kirchhoff’s Laws before we review for the 1st Semester Exam on Wednesday, January 14th, so make sure you’re ready to go.  See you in 2015!

AP Physics 2: Mon. 12/8 – Fri. 12/12

Hello everyone, only two more weeks until Winter Break!  Here are your assignments for Monday, Dec. 8 through Friday, Dec. 12:

Mon. 12/8 Quiz #2-4A: Capacitance
HW: Writing Assignment #2-4 (due Fri. 12/12); read Hecht Ch. 17.1; do p. 639 #1-15
DUE: Write-up for Lab #2-3: Capacitance of Parallel Plates
Tue. 12/9 Direct current & Ohm’s law
HW: read Hecht Ch. 17.2; do p. 640 #24-35
Wed. 12/10 Quiz #2-4B: Capacitance
HW: read Hecht Ch. 17.3; do p. 640 #39-50
Thu. 12/11 Lab #2-5: Direct Current Simulations
HW: start Lab #2-5: Direct Current Simulations (due Mon. 12/15); read 17.4-5; do p. 641 #59-70
Fri. 12/12 Energy & power (as it relates to direct current)
HW: finish Lab #2-5 (due Mon. 12/15)
DUE: Writing Assignment #2-4

The next two weeks should be pretty straightforward as you’ve all had some basic circuitry before, but please let me know if you have any questions, because my goal is to make sure you have strong understanding of DC circuits before we go on break and come back to finish up the semester with circuits and Kirchhoff’s Laws.  We’ll save the start of magnetism for 3rd Quarter, which only puts us two weeks behind my original schedule but we’ll be fine.

AP Physics 2: Mon. 12/1 – Fri. 12/5

Sorry for the late update, I wasn’t sure whether or not we were going to have a lab until I figured out how to use the parallel plates!  Here are your assignments for Monday, Dec. 12/1 – Friday, Dec. 12/5:

Mon. 12/1 Intro to capacitance
HW: read Hecht Ch. 16.5-6 and take notes; do p. 610 #49-61; Writing Assignment #2-3 (due Fri. 12/5)
Tue. 12/2 Capacitors in circuits
HW: p. 611 #72-83 (not #79)
Wed. 12/3 Leyden jar demo; Capacitors in parallel and series circuits
HW: read “Physics 122 Lab #2: Measuring Capacitance” by Hacker
Thu. 12/4 Lab #2-4: Capacitance
HW: Lab #2-4: Capacitance write-up (due Mon. 12/8 on Google Drive)
Fri. 12/5 Electric potential energy in capacitors
HW: read Hecht Ch. 16.7; do p. 613 #95-102
DUE: Writing Assignment #2-3

Only three weeks left until Winter Break!

AP Physics 2: Mon. 11/17 – Mon. 11/24

Hello everyone, welcome to the last complete week of school before Thanksgiving Break!  This week, we’ll be turning our understanding of electric charges, forces and fields into something a bit new: electric potential.  The good news is that the math is pretty easy once you’ve decided on what should be positive or negative.  Here are your assignments for Monday, Nov. 17th through Monday, Nov. 24th:

Mon. 11/17 Intro to electric potential
HW: read Hecht Ch. 16.2 and take notes; do p.608 #20-28; Writing Assignment #2-2 (due Fri. 11/21 on Google Drive)
DUE: Lab Activity #2-2: Electric Field Simulations
Tue. 11/18 Quiz #2-2B: Electrostatics & Forces
HW: read Hecht Ch. 16.3-4; do p.609 #37-41
Wed. 11/19 Lab Activity #2-3: Electric Potential Simulations
HW: Lab Activity #2-3 Electric Potential Simulations (due Mon. 11/24)
Thu. 11/20 Quiz #2-3A: Electric Potential & Voltage
HW: read Hecht Ch. 15.4 (p.558-560) & 16.5; do p.610 #49-61
Fri. 11/21 “Cosmos: The Electric Boy”
DUE: Writing Assignment #2-2
Mon. 11/24 Quiz #2-3B: Electric Potential & Voltage
DUE: Lab Activity #2-3: Electric Potential Simulations

I feel that this is a good stopping point before we take nearly a week off to visit with family and stuff our faces.  Have a great week and a Happy Thanksgiving!

AP Physics 2: Mon. 11/10 – Fri. 11/14

The Leadership Retreat is over!  That means we can really focus this week on electrostatic forces and fields before it gets too weird.  Here are your assignments for Monday, Nov. 10th through Friday, Nov. 14th:

Mon. 11/10 Electrostatic force problems & trig review
HW: Writing Assignment #2-1 (due Fri. 11/14 on Google Drive); read Hecht Ch. 15.4 & take notes

Tue. 11/11

The Electric Field
HW: p.574 #30-43
DUE: p.573 #1-15
Wed. 11/12 Electric Field Simulation
HW: Lab #2-2: Electric Field Simulations (due Mon. 11/17)
Thu. 11/13 Quiz #2-2A: Electrostatics & Forces
HW: finish Lab #2-2; read Hecht Ch. 16.1 & take notes
Fri. 11/14 Electric Potential
HW: p.608 #1-12
DUE: Writing Assignment #2-1

Let me know if you have any questions.  Have a great week, and remember to thank a veteran for his/her service!

AP Physics 2: Mon. 10/27 – Fri. 10/31

Hello, and welcome to the last week of October, which also happens to be the first week of 2nd Quarter!  We survived fluid mechanics and are almost done with thermodynamics, just in time to get into electrostatics, electricity and magnetism.  Lots of fun stuff to play with!  Here are your assignments for Monday, Oct. 27 through Friday, Oct. 31:

Mon. 10/27 Carnot engines & efficiency
HW: p.538 #66-69, 78, 79
Tue. 10/28 Entropy
Wed. 10/29 Review entropy, efficiency, work problems
Thu. 10/30 Quiz #2-1A: Carnot Cycles & Entropy
HW: read Hecht Ch. 15.1-15.2 & take notes
Fri. 10/31 Intro to Electrostatics & Coulomb’s Law
HW: read Hecht Ch. 15.3; do p.573 #1-15

Aside from the quiz, I’m hoping this is an easy week as we wrap up a very difficult topic.  Have a festive week!

AP Physics 2: Mon. 10/20 – Fri. 10/24

Welcome to the last week of 1st Quarter, and what a ride it’s been!  Here are your assignments for Monday, Oct. 20th through Friday, Oct. 24th:

Mon. 10/20 Review heat, conduction, 1st Law and thermal processes
HW: Writing Assignment #1-7 (due Fri. 10/24 on Google Drive)
DUE: p.499 #10-14, 82-88; p.535 #1-15
Tue. 10/21 Review thermal processes (isothermal, isobaric, adiabatic & isovolumic)
DUE: p.536 #25-34
Wed. 10/22 Quiz #1-6A: Heat, Laws of Thermodynamics, Thermal Processes
HW: read Hecht Ch. 14.5-6; do p.537 #42-48, 50-52
Thu. 10/23 Engines & cyclic processes
Fri. 10/24 Quiz #1-6B: Heat, Laws of Thermodynamics, Thermal Processes
HW: read Hecht Ch. 14.7; do p.538 #66-70, 78-79
DUE: Writing Assignment #1-7

These last topics in thermodynamics can be really difficult, so make sure you let me know if you have any questions!