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AP Physics 2: Mon. 4/13 – Fri. 4/17

Hello, physics friends! Here are your assignments for Monday, April 13 though Friday, April 17:

Mon. 4/13 Modern physics equations overview
HW: Writing Assignment #4-3; finish book homework from Ch.28 & 29
Tue. 4/14 X-rays & the photoelectric effect
Wed. 4/15 de Broglie & Schrödinger
HW: read Hecht Ch. 29.1-3; do p. 1078, #1-3, 5, 7
Thu. 4/16 Quiz #4-2A: The Bohr Atom
HW: read Hecht Ch. 29.4-10
Fri. 4/17 A very simple introduction to quantum physics & QED
DUE: Writing Assignment #4-3

Less than twenty school days until the AP exam!  If you’ve signed up to take it, I hope you’ve started studying, because it’s going to be tough.  Let me know if you have any questions about the exam or anything else.  Have a great week!

AP Physics 2: Mon. 4/6 – Fri. 4/10

Welcome to our first full week of April!  With any luck, all the terrible cold weather is behind us and we can look forward to warmer temperatures as we get closer to the AP exam on Thursday, May 7th.  Here are your assignments for Monday, April 6 through Friday, April 10:

Mon. 4/6 Review HW: p.904 #65-72, p.945 #19-25, p.946 #32-38, p.948 #70-81
HW: Writing Assignment #4-2 (due Sat. 4/11)
DUE: Lab #4-1: Polarization & Diffraction
Tue. 4/7 introduce the atom
HW: skim Hecht Ch.27; do p.1013 #1-12, 38-48
Wed. 4/8 Quiz #4-1A: Mirrors & the Wave Nature of Light
HW: read Hecht Ch. 28.1-2 & 28.5; do p.1048 #14-16, 18-22, 42-49
Thu. 4/9 Review quiz; photoelectric effect, scattering & x-rays
HW: read Hecht Ch. 28.3-4
Fri. 4/10 Quiz #4-1B: Mirrors & the Wave Nature of Light
HW: watch “Atom: Clash of the Titans” (part 1) on Google Drive
DUE: Writing Assignment #4-2 (due Sat. 4/11)

This week, we’ll be transitioning from light to the particles that produce light – atoms – and all of their weird and unusual properties.  Things will get truly bizarre once we begin to focus on the nucleus next week.  Less than one month until the exam!

AP Physics 2: Mon. 3/30 – Thu. 4/2

It’s finally spring, and it’s finally 4th Quarter!  Here are your assignments for Monday, March 30th through Thursday, April 2nd:

Mon. 3/30 finish reviewing 3rd Quarter Exam; curved mirrors
HW: review Hecht Ch. 24.7; finish p.904 #65-72; Writing Assignment #4-1; Algebraic Expressions WS
Tue. 3/31 Polarization
HW: read Hecht Ch. 25.1-3; do p. 945 #19-25
Wed. 4/1 Interference
HW: read Hecht Ch. 25.4 (p. 919-924), skim Hecht Ch. 25.5-6; do p. 946 #32-38
DUE: p.904 #65-72
Thu. 4/2 Diffraction
HW: read Hecht p. 929-932, Ch. 25.7-8; do p. 948 #70-81
DUE: p. 945 #19-25
Fri. 4/3 Good Friday – NO SCHOOL
HW: start Lab #4-1: Polarization, Interference & Diffraction
DUE: Writing Assignment #4-1

Starting this Monday, we only have 25 school days to prepare for the AP Physics 2 exam on Thursday, May 7th.  We’ll be covering these final topics in class so quickly that our mass will approach infinite (it’s a relativity joke, sorry)!

AP Physics 2: Mon. 3/16 – Fri. 3/20

It’s the end of 3rd Quarter!  Here are your assignments for Monday, March 16 through Friday, March 20:

Mon. 3/16 review lens problems
DUE: Lab #3-4: Lenses
Tue. 3/17 curved mirror problems
HW: study for 3rd Quarter Exam!
Wed. 3/18 3rd Quarter Exam: Part I (multiple choice)
Thu. 3/19 3rd Quarter Exam: Part II (free response)
Fri. 3/20 Lens demos

Make sure you’re ready for the 3rd Quarter Exam on Wednesday and Thursday – this should give you a good idea of how prepared you are for the AP exam.  Remember, the APP2 exam isn’t until May 7th, so we still have a month and a half to get ready.  Have a fun and safe Spring Break!

AP Physics 2: Mon. 3/9 – Fri. 3/13

Welcome to OGT week!  Here are your assignments for the week of Monday, March 9th through Friday, March 13th:

Mon. 3/9 review Quiz #3-3A; intro to lenses
HW: review p.902 #1-10
Tue. 3/10 lens equations
HW: Writing Assignment #3-4 (due Sat. 3/14); review p.902 #16-27
Wed. 3/11 Quiz #3-3B: Light, Reflection & Refraction
lens combinations and curved mirrors
HW: skim Hecht Ch. 24.6-7; do p.904 #38-44, 65-72
Thu. 3/12 start Lab #3-4: Lenses
HW: start Lab #3-4: Lenses (due Mon. 3/16)
Fri. 3/13 finish Lab #3-4: Lenses
HW: finish Lab #3-4: Lenses (due Mon. 3/16)
DUE: Writing Assignment #3-4 (due Sat. 3/14)

We won’t have much time in class, so please let me know if you have any questions.  Don’t forget our early morning AP Physics 1 review on Wednesday morning from 7:45 – 10:00am!  Have a wonderful week of sleeping in.

AP Physics 2: Mon. 3/2 – Fri. 3/6

Hello everyone, and welcome to March!  We only have three weeks of school before Spring Break, so I’m hoping we can get through all of light and optics by then.  Here are your assignments for Monday, March 2nd through Friday, March 6th:

Mon. 3/2 Reflection & refraction
HW: read Hecht Ch. 23.4-5; do p.854 #27-36
Tue. 3/3 Snell’s Law & total internal reflection
HW: Writing Assignment #3-3 (due Sat. 3/7); read Hecht Ch. 23.6-8; do p.855 #41-46, 57-64
DUE: p.852 #1-17
Wed. 3/4 start Lab #3-3: Laser Boxes
HW: start Lab #3-3 write-up (due Fri. 3/6)
DUE: p.854 #27-36
Thu. 3/5 Quiz #3-3A: Light
HW: skim Hecht Ch. 24.1-5 and take notes; do p.902 #1-10
DUE: p.855 #41-46, 57-64
Fri. 3/6 refraction demos; intro to lenses
HW: p.902 #16-27
DUE: write-up for Lab #3-3: Laser Boxes; Writing Assignment #3-3 (due Sat. 3/7)

I’m hoping his week will be a bit more productive than last week – all of this optical stuff is mostly about angles, so it’s pretty straightforward.  Have a great week!

AP Physics 2: Tue. 2/17 – Fri. 2/20

I’m baaaaaack!  Sorry for being out half of last week, but I’m back for good now.  Here are your assignments for the shortened week of Tuesday, Feb. 17 through Friday, Feb. 20:

Mon. 2/16


Presidents’ Day – NO SCHOOL
Tue. 2/17 review magnetic force quiz; intro to magnetic flux and induced emf
Wed. 2/18 Quiz #3-2B: Magnetic Force
magnetic flux and induced emf practice problems
Thu. 2/19 Faraday’s Law & Lenz’s Law
HW: skim Hecht Ch. 22 & take notes on important parts of Ch. 22.4-14
DUE: p. 749 #1-14
Fri. 2/20 review of electromagnetism; intro to light & optics
HW: p. 824 #47-59
DUE: p. 750 #25-31

We’re wrapping up electromagnetism and moving on to optics!  Let me know if you have any questions.  Stay warm!

AP Physics 2: Mon. 2/9 – Fri. 2/13

Sorry for missing this update – I was busy getting ready for the eTech conference and forgot all about it.  Here’s the week that was, Monday Feb. 9 through Friday Feb. 13:

Mon. 2/9 Magnetic force practice problems
Tue. 2/10 Magnetic force review
HW: Writing Assignment #3-2 (due Sat. 2/14)
Wed. 2/11 Quiz #3-2A: Magnetic Force
start Faraday’s Law & Lenz’s Law
HW: read Hecht Ch. 20.1; do p. 749 #1-14
Thu. 2/12 motional emf
HW: read Hecht Ch. 20.2; do p. 750 #25-31
Fri. 2/13 Cold day – NO SCHOOL
DUE: Writing Assignment #3-2 (due Sat. 2/14)

Hope you enjoyed your four day weekend!  I’ll see you once it warms up a bit.

AP Physics 2: Mon. 2/2 – Fri. 2/6

Hope you had a great three-day weekend!  Here are your assignments for the shortened week of Tuesday, February 3rd through Friday, February 6th:

Mon. 2/2 Snow Day – NO SCHOOL
Tue. 2/3 review magnetism quiz; magnetic force
Wed. 2/4 Quiz #3-1B: Magnetism & Magnetic Fields
Thu. 2/5 magnetic force simulations
HW: start Lab Activity #3-2: Magnetic Force (due Mon. 2/9)
DUE: p. 718, #46-61
Fri. 2/6 magnetic force simulations con’t; electric guitar demonstration
HW: finish Lab Activity #3-2: Magnetic Force (due Mon. 2/9)
DUE: p. 719, #74-84

We’ll be wrapping up magnetism early next week and moving on to optics, so don’t worry about the quick pace.  Have a wonderful week!

AP Physics 2: Mon. 1/26 – Fri. 1/30

Hello hello, sorry for the late update!  The strong magnetic fields must have messed with my brainwaves.  Here are your assignments for Monday, Jan. 26 through Friday, Jan. 30:

Mon. 1/26 review magnetism problems; play with magnets
Tue. 1/27 more magnetism problems; start Lab Activity #3-1
HW: Writing Assignment #3-1 (due Sat. 1/31)
Wed. 1/28 finish Lab Activity #3-1; Ampere’s Law
HW: write-up for Lab Activity #3-1 (due Fri. 1/30); read Ch. 19.4; do p.717 #31-40
Thu. 1/29 Ampere’s Law problems; review magnetism
HW: read Hecht Ch. 19.5; do p.718 #46-61
Fri. 1/30 Quiz #3-1A: Magnets & Magnetic Fields
Force on a moving charge; force on wires
HW: read Hecht Ch. 19.6; do p.719 #74-84
DUE: write-up for Lab Activity #3-1; Writing Assignment #3-1 (due Sat. 1/31)

Let me know if you have any questions!