AP Physics 2: Mon. 3/9 – Fri. 3/13

Hello, future optical engineers! Here are your assignments for Monday, March 9th through Friday, March 13th:

  • Mon. 3/9
    • refraction; review light & reflection HW; discuss Laser Boxes data
    • HW: start write-up for Lab #3-7: Laser Boxes! (due Wed. 3/11)
  • Tue. 3/10
    • total internal reflection; review reflection & refraction HW
    • HW: finish write-up for Lab #3-7: Laser Boxes!
  • Wed. 3/11
    • review reflection & refraction HW
    • DUE: write-up for Lab #3-7: Laser Boxes!
  • Thu. 3/12
    • Quiz #3-5A: Reflection & Refraction
    • HW: read Ch. 23-7 thru -8; do p. 657-8 Questions #16-28
  • Fri. 3/13
    • review quiz; intro to curved mirrors & lenses
    • HW: re-read Ch. 23-2 thru -3 (seriously); do p. 659 Problems #7-16

We only have three days left after this week before Spring Break and the Senior Class Trip, so we’re just going to try to get a basic understanding of lenses before we forget everything. Once we get mirrors and lenses down, we’ll do physical optics (which is a little weird but only appears on the exam in a limited amount), and then we’ll probably cover fluids during state-mandated testing. That gives us about 2-3 weeks of in-class review before the exam in May, which should be plenty. Have a great week!