Environmental Science: Mon. 12/9 – Fri. 12/13

We’re almost to First Semester Exams! Make sure you’re keeping up with your work so that you finish 2nd Quarter with a good grade. Here are your assignments for Monday, December 9th through Friday, December 13th:

  • Mon. 12/9
    • start working on #5-7: Sustainable Land Use Presentation
    • AP: read Chapter 13-1 through 13-3; do p.345 Questions #1-6 (due Friday 12/13)
  • Tue. 12/10
    • finish presentations
    • DUE: #5-5: Greening a Recipe Presentation
  • Wed. 12/11
    • begin sharing presentations
  • Thu. 12/12
    • Quiz #5: Land & Water Use
    • finish sharing presentations
  • Fri. 12/13
    • review quiz
    • DUE: #5-6: My Ecological Footprint
    • AP DUE: p.345 Questions #1-6

Semester exams are next week! “Regular” Environmental Science students (non-AP) won’t need to study; completing all of the assignments this semester will prepare you for the exam. AP Environmental Science students will want to go over their quizzes, packet handouts, and redo the AP Classroom Multiple Choice Progress Checks. I would also recommend doing the Unit 4 & 5 Progress Checks that will be your homework over Winter Break, because it will also help you prepare for the exam. Have a great week!