AP Physics 2: Mon. 12/2 – Fri. 12/6

It’s December, so it’s time to learn something completely new – capacitance! Here are your assignments for Monday, December 2nd through Friday, December 6th:

  • Mon. 12/2
    • Quiz #2-3A: Electric Potential
    • HW: read Ch. 17-7 thru 17-9; start Problems #31-51 (p.490-491)
  • Tue. 12/3
    • review quiz; intro to capacitance
    • HW: finish Problems #31-51 (p.490-491)
  • Wed. 12/4
    • Quiz #2-3B: Electric Potential
    • HW: read “Physics 122 Lab #2: Measuring Capacitance” handout
  • Thu. 12/5
    • Lab #2-4: Measuring Capacitance
    • HW: start write-up for Lab #2-4: Measuring Capacitance (due Mon. 12/9)
  • Fri. 12/6
    • finish Lab #2-4: Measuring Capacitance (if necessary); review capacitance book homework from Ch. 17
    • HW: finish write-up for Lab #2-4: Measuring Capacitance; study for Quiz #2-4A: Capacitance on Monday

We only have two and a half weeks before semester exams, so make sure you keep up with the work and let me know if you have questions or are struggling. Our last topic before exams will be a light introduction to DC circuits, so we’ll save the quiz and the tough stuff until after Winter Break. Have a great week!