Environmental Science: Mon. 5/13 – Fri. 5/20

This is it! Here are the final activities in Environmental Science for the week of Monday, May 13th through Friday, May 17th:

  • Mon. 5/13
    • “Cosmos: Some of the Things Molecules Do” video
  • Tue. 5/14
    • final trip to Standing Rock – OUTSIDE!
    • DUE: #18-1: Online Petition for Change
  • Wed. 5/15
    • share our Final Projects
    • DUE: #18-2: Invasive Species Removal (make-up)
  • Thu. 5/16
    • 2nd Semester Exam for Juniors – part 1
  • Fri. 5/17
    • Senior Awards Assembly

Good luck, Seniors! We’ll miss you.

Juniors, you’ll take the first part of your 2nd Semester Exam on Thursday of this week, and then you’ll take the second part on Monday of next week. You’ll still come in during the final exam time next week, but we’ll use that time to go outside to catch and identify fish in the Cuyahoga River!