Environmental Science: Mon. 4/29 – Fri. 5/3

Welcome to the end of April and the beginning of May! Unfortunately, “April showers” will continue through this week, so we’re postponing our Hiram field trip until next Tuesday. Here are your assignments for the week of Monday, April 29th through Friday, April 26th:

  • Mon. 4/29
    • practice QHEI at the Cuyahoga River – OUTSIDE
    • AP: APES 2010 Released Exam
  • Tue. 4/30
    • Quiz #17: Wetlands (make-up)
    • work on #18-1: Online Petition for Change
    • DUE: #17-2: Virtual Wetlands Lab
  • Wed. 5/1
    • #18-2: Invasive Species Removal – OUTSIDE
  • Thu. 5/2
    • work on Final Project
    • DUE: #17-3: “Braving Iraq” Video WS (or alternate assignment)
  • Fri. 5/3
    • Practice macroinvertebrate identification and water quality testing

I’m hoping that the weather will clear up and we can have a great field trip next week. Hope you had fun at Prom!