Environmental Science: Mon. 4/15 – Thu. 4/18

Welcome to the second and final week of mandatory state testing and our unusual bell schedule! Here are your assignments for the shortened week of Monday, April 15th through Thursday, April 18th:

  • Mon. 4/15
    • STATE TESTING 7:30-9:15am – Biology
    • work on #17-2: Virtual Wetland Lab
    • AP: Complete at least *five* more online multiple choice APES practice quizzes on Google Classroom for a total of fifteen completed
  • Tue. 4/16
    • STATE TESTING 7:30-9:15am – Biology
    • finish #17-2: Virtual Wetland Lab
  • Wed. 4/17
    • STATE TESTING 7:30-9:15am – US History & US Government
    • start #17-3: “Braving Iraq” Video WS
    • DUE: #16-3: Green Job Profile
  • Thu. 4/18
    • STATE TESTING 7:30-9:15am – US History & US Government
    • finish #17-3: “Braving Iraq” Video WS
    • AP DUE: at least *five* more multiple choice APES quizzes (for a total of fifteen so far)
  • Fri. 4/19

Make sure you check out the Who’s Your Mama Earth Day Festival on Saturday, April 20 from 11am-4pm in downtown Kent.  Enjoy the short week!