Environmental Science: Mon. 4/1 – Fri. 4/5

Welcome back from Spring Break! Here are your assignments for Monday, April 1st through Friday, April 5th – the last week before state testing:

  • Mon. 4/1
    • finish #20-1: Final Project Proposal
    • AP: Complete at least *five* online multiple choice APES practice quizzes on Google Classroom (you pick which five!)
  • Tue. 4/2
    • watch “Dirty Jobs: Brown Before Green” video
  • Wed. 4/3
    • start #16-3: Green Job Profile
  • Thu. 4/4
    • finish & share #16-3: Green Job Profile
  • Fri. 4/5
    • start #16-4: Green Business Profile
    • AP DUE: at least *five* multiple choice APES quizzes

I hope you had a great and relaxing Spring Break! We only have six and a half weeks of class left, so get ready for a wild ride.