Environmental Science: Mon. 3/18 – Fri. 3/22

Welcome to the first week of 4th Quarter and the return of Spring! We’ll be doing the World Simulation all week, so I hope you enjoy it. Here are your assignments for Monday, March 18th through Friday, March 22nd – the last week before Spring Break.

  • Mon. 3/18
    • introduction to #16-1: World Simulation
    • AP: Read Miller Ch. 24 and answer the Core Case Study and the EVEN Chapter Review questions on p.679-680 – our last textbook chapter! (due Fri. 3/22)
    • AP Exam order form and money due to Ms. Pifer today!
  • Tue. 3/19
    • start the World Simulation
  • Wed. 3/20
    • finish the World Simulation
  • Thu. 3/21
    • #16-2: World Simulation Reflection
  • Fri. 3/22
    • World Simulation discussion
    • AP DUE: questions from textbook Chapter 24 (before you leave for Spring Break!)

Have a wonderful Spring Break! I look forward to seeing you back in school next month. 🙂