Environmental Science: Mon. 12/3 – Fri. 12/7

Welcome to December! We’re going to learn about population growth this week before tackling our 2nd Quarter project next week. Here are your assignments for Monday, December 3rd through Friday, December 7th:

  • Mon. 12/3
    • Quiz #8: Energy (make-up)
    • #9-1: Visualizing Population Growth
    • AP: read textbook Chapter 6 and answer the questions at the end (due Friday 12/7, see Google Classroom for details)
  • Tue. 12/4
    • discuss the causes of population growth; watch “Global Population Growth, Box by Box” TED talk
    • DUE: #8-3: Energy & Climate Simulation
  • Wed. 12/5
    • #9-2: Population Growth by Country
  • Thu. 12/6
    • begin watching “Soylent Green”
  • Fri. 12/7
    • finish watching “Soylent Green”
    • AP DUE: questions from Chapter 6

This is our last unit of the semester – 1st Semester Exams start in two weeks, so make sure you’re ready. Have a great week, and stay warm!