Environmental Science: Mon. 11/26 – Fri. 11/30

Welcome back from Thanksgiving Break! We’re going to wrap up our Energy unit with natural gas, hydraulic fracturing and their impact on the environment. Here are your assignments for Monday, November 26th through Friday, November 30th:

  • Mon. 11/26
    • start watching “Gasland”
    • AP: read Cracking APES packet #4 and take the practice quiz at the end (due Friday 11/30, see Google Classroom for details)
  • Tue. 11/27
    • finish watching “Gasland”
    • DUE: #7-4: Natural Resources Usage Log
  • Wed. 11/28
    • #8-4: Impacts of Natural Gas
    • DUE: #8-1: The Wedges Game
  • Thu. 11/29
    • Quiz #8: Energy
    • finish #8-4: Impacts of Natural Gas
    • DUE: #8-2: Kill-a-Watt Lab
  • Fri. 11/30
    • #9-1: Visualizing Population Growth
    • AP DUE: Cracking APES packet #4

We only have three and a half weeks of class before 1st Semester Exams, so keep up with your work and try to earn the best grade you can. Have a wonderful week back from break!