AP Physics 2: Mon. 12/1 – Fri. 12/5

Sorry for the late update, I wasn’t sure whether or not we were going to have a lab until I figured out how to use the parallel plates!  Here are your assignments for Monday, Dec. 12/1 – Friday, Dec. 12/5:

Mon. 12/1 Intro to capacitance
HW: read Hecht Ch. 16.5-6 and take notes; do p. 610 #49-61; Writing Assignment #2-3 (due Fri. 12/5)
Tue. 12/2 Capacitors in circuits
HW: p. 611 #72-83 (not #79)
Wed. 12/3 Leyden jar demo; Capacitors in parallel and series circuits
HW: read “Physics 122 Lab #2: Measuring Capacitance” by Hacker
Thu. 12/4 Lab #2-4: Capacitance
HW: Lab #2-4: Capacitance write-up (due Mon. 12/8 on Google Drive)
Fri. 12/5 Electric potential energy in capacitors
HW: read Hecht Ch. 16.7; do p. 613 #95-102
DUE: Writing Assignment #2-3

Only three weeks left until Winter Break!