AP Physics 2: Mon. 11/17 – Mon. 11/24

Hello everyone, welcome to the last complete week of school before Thanksgiving Break!  This week, we’ll be turning our understanding of electric charges, forces and fields into something a bit new: electric potential.  The good news is that the math is pretty easy once you’ve decided on what should be positive or negative.  Here are your assignments for Monday, Nov. 17th through Monday, Nov. 24th:

Mon. 11/17 Intro to electric potential
HW: read Hecht Ch. 16.2 and take notes; do p.608 #20-28; Writing Assignment #2-2 (due Fri. 11/21 on Google Drive)
DUE: Lab Activity #2-2: Electric Field Simulations
Tue. 11/18 Quiz #2-2B: Electrostatics & Forces
HW: read Hecht Ch. 16.3-4; do p.609 #37-41
Wed. 11/19 Lab Activity #2-3: Electric Potential Simulations
HW: Lab Activity #2-3 Electric Potential Simulations (due Mon. 11/24)
Thu. 11/20 Quiz #2-3A: Electric Potential & Voltage
HW: read Hecht Ch. 15.4 (p.558-560) & 16.5; do p.610 #49-61
Fri. 11/21 “Cosmos: The Electric Boy”
DUE: Writing Assignment #2-2
Mon. 11/24 Quiz #2-3B: Electric Potential & Voltage
DUE: Lab Activity #2-3: Electric Potential Simulations

I feel that this is a good stopping point before we take nearly a week off to visit with family and stuff our faces.  Have a great week and a Happy Thanksgiving!