AP Physics 2: Mon. 11/10 – Fri. 11/14

The Leadership Retreat is over!  That means we can really focus this week on electrostatic forces and fields before it gets too weird.  Here are your assignments for Monday, Nov. 10th through Friday, Nov. 14th:

Mon. 11/10 Electrostatic force problems & trig review
HW: Writing Assignment #2-1 (due Fri. 11/14 on Google Drive); read Hecht Ch. 15.4 & take notes

Tue. 11/11

The Electric Field
HW: p.574 #30-43
DUE: p.573 #1-15
Wed. 11/12 Electric Field Simulation
HW: Lab #2-2: Electric Field Simulations (due Mon. 11/17)
Thu. 11/13 Quiz #2-2A: Electrostatics & Forces
HW: finish Lab #2-2; read Hecht Ch. 16.1 & take notes
Fri. 11/14 Electric Potential
HW: p.608 #1-12
DUE: Writing Assignment #2-1

Let me know if you have any questions.  Have a great week, and remember to thank a veteran for his/her service!