AP Physics 2: Mon. 10/13 – Fri. 10/17

Hello everyone!  I have nothing really interesting or witty to say today, but I’ll try to think of something as the week goes on.  Here are your assignments for Monday, Oct 13th through Friday, Oct 17th:

Mon. 10/13 Quiz #1-5A: Thermal Expansion, Gas Laws & Kinetic Theory
Heat & heat transfer
HW: Writing Assignment #1-6 (due Sun. 10/19 on Google Drive)
Tue. 10/14 Heat & heat transfer; Lab #1-8: The Coffee Lab
HW: Lab #1-8: The Coffee Lab (due Thu. 10/16)
Wed. 10/15 The Laws of Thermodynamics & thermal processes
HW: read Hecht Ch. 14.2-14.4; do p.536 #25-34
Thu. 10/16 PV diagrams, Carnot cycle, Carnot engines & efficiency
HW: read Hecht Ch. 14.5
DUE: Lab #1-8: The Coffee Lab
Fri. 10/17 Quiz #1-5B: Thermal Expansion, Gas Laws & Kinetic Theory
HW: read Hecht Ch. 14.6; do p.537 #42-48, 50-52
DUE (on Sunday): Writing Assignment #1-6

Let me know if you have any questions!  Take the Carnot stuff slowly, it’s pretty tough.