AP Physics 2: Mon. 10/6 – Fri. 10/10

Hello again!  Now that we’re fully into October and we’re fully into heat, much of these concepts should remind you of your thermochemistry work in Dr. Lambert’s class.  I’m hoping that experience wasn’t too traumatic!  Here are your assignments for Monday, Oct. 6th through Friday, Oct. 10th:

Mon. 10/6 Quiz #1-4B: Fluid Flow & Bernoulli’s Equation
Thermal Expansion & Gas Laws Simulation
HW: Lab 1-6: Thermal Expansion & Gas Laws Simulation; Writing Assignment #1-5 (due Fri. 10/10)
DUE: 466 #40-47, p. 467 #62-69
Tue. 10/7 Lab #1-7: Gas Laws
HW: Lab #1-7: Gas Laws write-up
DUE: p. 467 #77-82
Wed. 10/8 Lab #1-7: Gas Laws con’t
DUE: Lab #1-6: Thermal Expansion & Gas Laws Simulation
Thu. 10/9 Review gas laws & kinetic theory
HW: read 13.1, 13.3, 13.8-13.10; do p.499 #10-14, p.502 #82-88
Fri. 10/10 Heat transfer
HW: read 14.1-14.2; do p.535 #1-15; study for Quiz #1-5: Thermal Expansion, Gas Laws and Kinetic Theory on Monday
DUE: Writing Assignment #1-5; Lab #1-7: Gas Laws write-up

Please email or text me if you have any questions.  Have a wonderful week!