AP Physics 2: Mon. 9/29 – Fri. 10/3

Welcome to the end of our first full month together!  We’re finally FINALLY wrapping up fluids and moving on to thermodynamics, which will invoke wonderful memories of Dr. Lambert’s class, such as reversing reactions to fit into Hess’s Law equations and crying silent tears of frustration.  Here are your assignments for Monday, Sept. 29th through Friday, Oct 3rd:

Mon. 9/29 Bernoulli’s Equation
HW: Writing Assignment #1-4 (due Fri. 10/3 on Google Drive)
Tue. 9/30 Quiz #1-4A: Fluid Flow
HW: read Hecht Ch. 12.1-12.3 and take notes
DUE: p. 336 #77-82, 84-88
Wed. 10/1 Introduction to thermodynamics
HW: p. 465 #17-25; read Hecht Ch. 12.4-12.5 and take notes
Thu. 10/2 Gas laws (mostly review, some new)
HW: p. 466 #40-47, p. 467 #62-69; read Hecht Ch. 12.7 and take notes
Fri. 10/3 Kinetic Theory
HW: p. 467 #77-82; play with PhET Gas Properties Simulation
DUE: Writing Assignment #1-4

As always, please let me know if you have any questions at all.  Have a great fall week!