AP Physics 2: Mon. 9/22 – Fri. 9/26

Hello hello, welcome to fall! We’re wrapping up fluids this week with two quizzes and a lab in preparation for our first test next week.  Here are your assignments for Monday, Sept. 22nd through Friday, Sept. 26th:

Mon. 9/22 Quiz #1-3A: Buoyancy
Flow, continuity and Bernoulli
HW: Writing Assignment #1-3 (due Fri. 9/26 on Google Drive)
Tue. 9/23 Lab #1-5: Fluid Flow
HW: Lab #1-5: Fluid Flow
DUE: Lab #1-4: Archimedes’ Principle write-up; p.336 #77-82, 84-88
Wed. 9/24 Work on Lab #1-5: Fluid Flow
Thu. 9/25 Quiz #1-3B: Buoyancy
finish lab; flow review
DUE: Lab #1-5: Fluid Flow
Fri. 9/26 Fluid flow review
DUE: Writing Assignment #1-3

As always, let me know if you have any questions.  Have a great last week of September!