Chemistry assignments Mon. 9/27 – Fri. 10/1

Hello, atomic explorers! Here are your Chemistry assignments for the week of Monday, Sept. 27 through Friday, Oct. 1:

Mon. 9/27 Modern model of the atom [notes]
HW: Moodle Assignment #3 (on Moodle, due Fri. 10/1)

Tue. 9/28 ASSESSMENT #3B: Properties, Changes & Types of Matter [practice] – make-up for students who scored “8/10” or less on #3A

Atomic Spectra activity

HW: Atomic Spectra Activity

Wed. 9/29 Periodic table coloring activity!

HW: finish coloring your periodic table; read 5.4, skim 14.1-14.2; do p.126 #27-28; p.129 #47-48; p.396 #3, 5; p.406 #6-7, 9

Thu. 9/30 ASSESSMENT #4A: Models of the Atom [practice]

The Periodic Table

HW: Periodicity WS

Fri. 10/1 Periodicity activity

DUE: Moodle Assignment #3 (on Moodle)

ASSESSMENT #2C: Lab Methods & Equipment [practice] must be completed by today!

Like always, please email me at ke_ccarman *at* kentschools *dot* net if you have any questions. Have a wonderful week!