January Update

Dear Parents,

Kent City Schools will return to the Cohort A/B two day, in-person blended model after winter break.  That means the Tuesday/Thursday cohort A will return to school on Tuesday, January 5, 2021, and the Wednesday/Friday cohort B returns to school on Wednesday, January 6, 2021.  As we have emphasized again and again, it is of the highest dual priorities that our children have meaningful in-person learning and that they remain safe and healthy.

We have been able to successfully achieve a safe school environment all year with our blended learning model, and everyone has benefited from the stability of the schedule and from our school safety protocols.  Moving forward, we will continue to maintain safe, in-person instruction for 2021 in the blended model regardless of our county’s health risk advisory designation.  Our schools have been proven to be the safest locations for students and staff.

The possibility continues that due to external circumstances beyond our control (such as a staffing shortage) a building or buildings may need to temporarily shift to remote learning.  Please know that we have a contingency plan if needed.

We wish you a happy and healthy Holiday Season and look forward to seeing our students in January 2021.


George Joseph

To our parents and community members,

Update on Covid-19 in our schools
Our teachers and staff continue to work hard every day to educate all students and support our families, but the rise in cases of coronavirus has us worried.  I urge all of you to consider the potential negative impact to all our children’s education when people choose to gather without safety precautions.

Please note that we have updated our Covid-19 dashboard to add the information requested by families.  On the dashboard, you can see the number of positive Covid-19 cases for staff and students for each building, per week and per month.  District administrators continue to monitor Ohio’s health advisory system and are in contact with the Kent City Health Department.

Welcome new Parent Mentor
Welcome to Patty Restaine, who is the new Parent Mentor for the Kent Schools.  Supported by a federal grant, Parent Mentors offer support and guidance to parents and families of students enrolled in Special Education programs. Contact Patty: (330)676-7661  OR email:  parentmentor@kentschools.net

Design development phase underway
As part of the “No New Tax” Bond Issue improvements now underway, team members from ThenDesign Architecture and Shook Construction are refining the design and pricing for the many projects planned across the district.  This phase will be completed by the end of December and construction drawings will be finished for bidding in Spring of 2021.

Kent students will have a number of opportunities to observe and ask questions about the building process.  Recently, students in the Forestry and Landscape Management program watched the geotechnical soil boring process conducted at the site of the new Roosevelt gymnasium.  Soil samples were collected at various depths and then sent to a lab for recommendations of foundation systems.

Thank you for your support.  Have a safe holiday season.

George Joseph
Kent City Schools Superintendent