February Update

February 2020
Dear parents and community members:

Great news!
Kent City School District, Stanton receive Momentum Awards
Both the Kent City School District and Stanton Middle School recently received a 2019 Momentum Award from the State Board of Education.  This annual recognition is given to districts and schools for exceeding expectations in student growth for the year. 

The Kent City Schools were one of only 48 of the 611 school districts in Ohio to receive the prestigious district award.  Stanton Middle School was one of two schools in Portage County to receive the individual school award.

In order to receive the Momentum Award, a district or a school must have received A’s on all Value-Added measures on the state report card.  In addition, winners of the award must also have at least two Value-Added subgroups of students, including overall, gifted, lowest 20 percent in achievement and students with disabilities.   Both Stanton Middle School and the Kent City School District earned measures in all four Value-Added subgroups.

Congratulations to our teachers, administrators, staff and students.  We are so proud of their hard work and dedication.  This shows what great things are happening in the Kent City Schools.

About “No New Tax” Bond Issue #6 on March 17, 2020 ballot
Q:  What are some of the improvements and upgrades planned with the “No New Tax” Bond Issue?


Adding secure VESTIBULE ENTRIES, electronic ACCESS               CONTROLS and outside LED LIGHTING at all schools.

Redesigning TRAFFIC PATTERNS and PARKING at Roosevelt.

Installing AIR CONDITIONING in all elementary and high school classrooms. (Stanton Middle School is already air conditioned.)

Replacing CAFETERIA/GYM FLOORS and making other improvements at elementary schools.

Installing an all-sports TURF FIELD and FIELDHOUSE and upgrading the STADIUM with new lighting and a sound system.

Expanding GYMNASIUM facilities at Roosevelt and upgrading the NATATORIUM.

Replacing Roosevelt’s AUDITORIUM SEATS and adding aisles for accessibility.

For a more comprehensive list, visit kentschools.net/bondissue

Q:  What is Issue #6, the “No New Tax” Bond Issue?
A:  Because bonds issued over 20 years ago to construct Stanton Middle School and make renovations to Roosevelt High School and Davey Elementary are maturing, Kent Schools is taking advantage of this timing. New bonds, which would NOT raise taxes, will finance the cost of renovations to maintain the community’s investment in the Kent schools.

Coffee and Conversation with the Superintendent  
Hear more details about the “No New Tax” Bond Issue, which will appear on the March 17, 2020 ballot at my upcoming “Coffee and Conversation.  Please join me.

  • Wednesday, February 26, at 6 p.m. in the Woodward Room, 2nd floor of the Kent Free Library.             

Thank you again for your continued support of the Kent City Schools.

George J. Joseph
Superintendent of Schools