September and October Update

September and October 2019

 Board Report Card Presentation

Dear parents and community members.

Great news about the Kent Schools!

            We have great news to share about the Kent City Schools.  In order to keep our students safe and make needed improvements to all our schools, the Kent Board of Education is putting a No New Tax Bond issue on the March 17, 2020 ballot.  The bond issue would NOT raise taxes.

     This unique opportunity came about because bonds issued over 20 years ago to construct Stanton Middle School and make renovations to Roosevelt High School and Davey Elementary are maturing.  Kent Schools is taking advantage of this timing by proposing a No New Tax Bond Issue.  This funding would allow our district and our community to make much needed improvements to all our schools.

     Please see more details below about these exciting projects and improvements.  Thank you for your continued support of the Kent City Schools.

George J. Joseph
Superintendent of Schools

Potential projects include:

  • Improving SAFETY and SECURITY in all schools.
  • Installing AIR CONDITIONING in all elementary and high school classrooms. (Stanton Middle School is already air conditioned.)
  • Improving athletic facilities by installing a TURF FIELD and extending Roosevelt’s GYMNASIUM.
  • Renovating Roosevelt’s AUDITORIUM and NATATORIUM.
  • Maintaining the COMMUNITY’S INVESTMENT in our schools by making many other UPGRADES to improve the instructional environment.

No New Tax Bond Issue timeline:
     The Kent Board of Education authorized a Resolution of Necessity for the Bond Issue at our BOE Meeting on September 17, 2019.  The next step in the process of placing a No New Tax Bond Issue on the ballot is to authorize a Resolution to Proceed at our October 15, 2019 Board Meeting, which will place the No New Tax Bond Issue on the March 17, 2020 primary ballot.   

     Representatives of ThenDesign Architecture (TDA) and Hammond Construction, provided recommendations and cost estimates to the Board of Education.  Both firms have extensive experience in school-related renovation projects.

            The community’s support for improvements in safety and security across the district, as well as upgrades in school buildings, was evident in the results of recent surveys and focus groups.  Community members were asked for feedback on a number of issues, as part of the district’s new five-year Strategic Plan.  Kent residents made it clear that they saw the immediate necessity to keep students safe and maintain the community’s investment in the schools.

Coffee and Conversation with the Superintendent 
     Please join Superintendent George Joseph for “Coffee and Conversation” on Wednesday, September 25, at 8:30 a.m. in the back room at Little City Grill, 802 North Mantua