September Update

Dear parents,

“Way to go, eclipse!”





On Monday, August 21, our Kent Schools community celebrated the partial solar eclipse with viewing events at each school. Thanks to the support of Kent Displays which shared in the cost, Kent City Schools provided a free pair of Eclipse Shades for every student, teacher and staff member. Approximately 4,000 pairs of the special glasses were distributed.

In all our buildings, teachers talked about the eclipse and related it to the appropriate curriculum. For example, Stanton Middle School students in the Endeavor Team built viewing boxes and with the help of math teacher Sean Dougherty, created a camera obscura in their classroom. The windows and door were covered and a pinhole camera demonstrated how viewing boxes work. “Very interesting and a fun project to work on,” said one student. 

All Roosevelt and Stanton students gathered at Roosevelt stadium to view the solar eclipse together. Science teacher Chris Carman shared fun eclipse facts from the press box and counted down to 2:32 p.m. when all eyes (protected with their Eclipse glasses) turned towards the sun. “Way to go, eclipse!” yelled a student in the crowd.

The students were very enthusiastic, engaged and well behaved. It was a great day for the Kent Schools.

Thank you to Kent Displays, manufacturer of Boogie Boards and other eWriter display technology, is a valued educational partner of the Kent Schools. 

Meet our new teachers!








Back row from left, Amy Jajtner, fourth grade at Davey; Crystal McNeily, Intervention Specialist at Roosevelt; Cody Knepper, art teacher at Stanton Middle School; Audra Collins, Intervention Specialist at Roosevelt; Megan Blake, science teacher at Roosevelt; and Katherine Mikita, EL teacher at the elementary schools.

Front row from left, Crystal Roberts, Intervention Specialist at Roosevelt; Ashton Donmoyer, Intervention Specialist at Holden; Hillary Smith, School Counselor at Longcoy; Elizabeth Lenzo, Preschool Intervention Specialist at Davey Elementary.

Thank you again for your continued support of the Kent City Schools.

George J. Joseph
Superintendent of Schools