Bed Bug

Bed Bugs in Schools – Guidance for Parents

Life Cycle of a Bed Bug 

Dealing with Bed Bugs in Schools

A suspected bed bug issue should be directed to the school clinic.

You need to know that:

ž We have a bed bug action plan. 
ž Anyone can get bed bugs.
ž The school will not close unless necessary. 
ž Parents have a role to play.  Advise the school if bed bugs are found at home. 
ž Controlling bed bugs at home means fewer to no bed bugs in schools. 

Common Bed Bug Myths
ž   Bed bugs are not a sign of sanitary issues. 
ž They’re after only one thing. They thrive where humans sit still for more than an hour. 
ž Multi-family housing, hotels, offices, and even schools are prime locations for bed bugs. 

Are bed bugs only active at night?
 ž While bed bugs prefer darkness, keeping the light on at night won’t deter them from biting.
 ž They are most active between 2 and 5am. 

What is an infestation?
 žOne bed bug is not an infestation.
 ž Breeding infestations in a school are rare.

Suggested procedures for students found with bed bugs, from the EPA
ž   Discretion is critical!
ž   Discretely remove student from class. 
ž School nurse check student’s clothing and belongings. 
ž Contact the student’s parents. 
ž Send bed bug information home. 
ž Students should not be excluded from school. 
ž Schools should not be closed. 
ž Prevent bed bug hysteria.   

If you have any further questions, you can contact District Nurse Rita Baker at 330-676-8617, or contact Jim Soyars, Director of Business Services at  330-676-7650.